I teach busy, high achieving Female Professionals how to get rid of overwelm, stress less and find yourself in our choatic, fast-paced world!

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Here are 5 signs you are a people pleaser!

Delve more into your life with journaling and examining how people pleasing has affected your life and relationships.

Learn what you have given up to please others. I give you 5 actionable steps to take right now to stop people pleasing.

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I Am Your Burnout &  Growth Mindset Expert

I help burn out female professionals - like you - you working in Corporate America to stop people pleasing,
let go of perfectionism and get rid of overwhelm to learn to say "No,"
set boundaries at work and at home and increase your self-confidence to take on the world.

Coaching will help you to set boundaries and learn to say "No." 

Coaching will help you increase your self awareness and self-esteem! You will know what your priorities are and learn to enjoy life!

I have helped hundreds of female professionals overcome burnout…You’ll gain clarity on who you are and what you need so you can prioritize yourself. 

You will work smarter and NOT harder, set your boundaries, and create habits that fulfill you. 

I teach you through empowerment to remove burnout from your life!


About 4 years ago, I was experiencing burnout as a physician. I was working long hours, trying to manage taking care of her 2 children and trying to manage taking care of all the other unexpected parts of life.

I hired a mindset expert  as a way to help with my burnout. In just a few sessions, I was able to become more self-aware and change my mindset. I realized how my thinking was affecting my feelings and what occurred in my life. I went from overworked, overwhelmed and overtired to being more self-aware, being able to set boundaries and setting and achieving my goals. I had experienced such a change in my life that I wanted to help other female professionals with burnout.